a new Namaste

magick millenial

Recently, I was thinking about the need to try and appreciate others even when we don’t necessarily agree with or relate to them. It is easy to slip into viewing someone as opposing you, to unknowingly let them become an enemy of sorts in your mind, without ever meaning to do so. It’s very easy to see this among families or love relationships – for example, I know, deep down, that my husband and I desire the same thing between us, a strong, loving, fun marriage. And yet, if we happen to disagree on something, it’s easy to forget that and slip into “ugh, why are we so different?!” mode.

After yoga or meditation, it feels so lovely to share that “namaste” moment, where we acknowledge the divine within ourselves and others. Namaste means:
“The Divine light in me acknowledges the Divine light in you”, or
“I honor the spirit…

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