Isis conjunct Mercury Direct

Mercury stations direct today October 9th 2015 at zero degrees Libra in a conjunction with the asteroid Isis. The sun god asteroid Osiris is 15 degrees of Libra in conjunction with the Sun. As though the goddess has finally found a piece of her lost lover after weeks of frantic searching, a part of us may breathe a deep sigh of relief, fall to our knees and savor a small miracle. There is more to be found but we can rest for just a moment before resuming our quest.

Isis and Osiris by Susan Boulet Isis and Osiris by Susan Boulet

We are poised or becoming open to deeper contemplations of the Divine Feminine as we assimilate many of the recent lessons and experiences in our interpersonal relationships.

There is hope and regeneration after being emotionally ripped and torn asunder. The presence of these two asteroids, Isis and Osiris in the sign of balancing, also in…

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