Corrective Action – Mars Gets Set Straight

5D Astrology

As we near the exact Opposition of Mars to Neptune set for 10:53pm on Tuesday night, you may notice that many people are ‘taking action’ to lead a healthier, more productive life (Virgo) rather than continuing to lose themselves in the nebulous void of Neptunian escapist activities, like excessive drinking, drugging, sexting and procrastination of all forms.

I have already heard several good friends make this declaration over the last few days. Some did it earlier as Jupiter Opposed Neptune in mid-Sep, but the rest seem to be getting motivated now with the help of Mars.

Over the weekend, after I posted for the first time about the Mars-Neptune Opposition, I had a ‘like’ from a blog called ‘Gains Lifestyle’ and I understand why the ‘Mars’ article caught their attention. Besides the usual ‘vices’ of Neptune, some people actually DO over-work or over-work-out as their means of over-indulgence. One can…

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