Radiating 5th Dimensional Consciousness

The New Divine Humanity


You are always radiating that which you are vibrating to and as. There is no separation between your reality and your vibration. You get what you are Being, always. That is what you are vibrating to, even if you are not conscious of this.

Consciously vibrating and radiating 5th Dimensional Consciousness (which is a frequency vibration) is a free will choice. The word “consciously” is where you step in and decide to do this. You decide when its time or not, and it is all ok, whatever you choose, because everything is unfolding perfectly. The way it is happening through you, is the way it is. And always, Acceptance is the Love and of 5th Dimensional Consciousness that you can apply to ALL experiences, in any or all moments. The choice is yours. Please recognize, the choice is yours. Do not fall prey to Victim Consciousness. And if you have…

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