Tips for Parenting a Scorpio Child

Sky Writer

Note: This copyrighted excerpt from astrologer, Trish MacGregor’s new book, Unlocking the Secret to Scorpios, is reprinted here with permission of the publisher, Page Street Press.

 Scorpios - MacGregorIntense, passionate, fearless. These adjectives are often used to describe a Scorpio child, but they barely scratch the surface. These kids are complex and mysterious and often a complete enigma to the people who love and know them best.

As a parent, look back to the birth of your Scorpio child. Were there any unusual events surrounding the child’s birth? Was he born before or after his due date? Synchronically often occurs during major transitions in our lives, ­­­­and a birth certainly qualifies as a major event. Can you recall any meaningful coincidences that happened? Does your partner or another family member recall anything unusual? Was the birth easy or difficult?

In a young group or her peers, the Scorpio child is easy…

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