Daily Aspects – Sep 29 – Conscious/Subconscious Adjustment

5D Astrology

So the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurred and what happened in your emotional life? What someone ‘eclipsed’ from your life? Did you resolve your feelings for them and now you can move on? Did you KNOW how you feel about someone new in your life? These are all questions for a Full Moon, especially one in Libra or a Lunar Eclipse.

Likely, as I write this on Monday morning, we are ALL still stewing in the juices of all that powerful intuition and clarity. As there are no aspects after the Eclipse until Tuesday night, we are still processing our emotions and how/where they have been ‘reset’. Don’t expect a quick answer… with no other aspects, we are slowly resetting things within ourselves.

This is a good thing as there is so much old 3D concepts we are battling with around relationships/relating-ships. In 5D, where we know there is really…

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