Slide1Week 39 runs from September 24 to 30.

3 = communication and optimism. 

9 = emotion, completion, and the end of an era. 

3+9 = 12= 3. 

1 and 2 represent the current course of the human journey from the 1000s to the 2000s. 

2015=8 = the POWER to make things happen. 

This is the last week of a 10-week run of ‘week numbers’ which all begin with 3 – the number of expression, optimism, the arts, creativity, happiness, and appearances. 3 represents the “stage” – the staging of events – the platform.

Slide03As a result, we are experiencing the fastest-moving and most action-packed cycle of the year. 3 entertains, but it also exposes.

3 represents all forms of communication. To communicate effectively means relating to the real concerns of others. In order for them to understand you, you must understand what matters to them. This means being on the same…

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