Super Blood Moon Eclipse and End-Time Scenarios

5D Astrology

Let me just say that I find it hysterical that Pastor Agee is now touting any Planetary body as indicative of ‘God’s timing’. For centuries, the ‘church’ has tried to stifle anyone’s understanding of Astrology. They created the Gregorian Calendar, for goodness sakes, precisely to divorce people’s awareness from natural law to man-made law. People stopped watching the stars and started watching their calendars.

And yet, his use of ‘fear-mongering’ here is nothing more than his own ‘vanity mind’ (Mercury, the mind cut off from source) getting carried away with itself. Or, probably he does believe differently, but he will say these things to keep people ‘tithing’ to their churches over fear of Christ’s return and their Judgment Day.

A Super Moon is simply a Full Moon that occurs when the Moon is at her closest point on his elliptical orbit to the Earth. This happens rather frequently. When the…

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